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"Do you have a local online business that can benefit from people searching for your services in neighboring towns?

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One of the problems with keyword research tools on the web like Keyword Discovery or Wordtracker is that their data is often unreliable, especially for low volume searches. How many times have you entered in a medium-tail keyword like “baltimore tanning”, only to be told that nobody ever searches on that term?

Well I know that somebody out there is searching for tanning in Baltimore, they’re just not doing it in the right Meta engine or through the right ISP.

This presents a big problem for local businesses that have to choose between targeting different regional keywords on their site.

How Do I Decide Which Location Keywords to Target?

If you’re an acupuncturist in Rockville, MD, how do you choose between targeting “acupuncture washington dc” and “acupuncture maryland”? Should you go after “acupuncture rockville md” or would it make more sense to target “acupuncture bethesda”?

Target them all with this keyword generation tool!

No need to do hours of research!


Choose Local Keywords Gold And Plug it into your site or page creation tool!

Generate literally hundreds of thousands of keyword lists in under an hour!

Up until now, it's be a real chore to generate loads of keywords.  It took expensive memberships to days of research.

The truth is, you really need a huge list of keywords.  Not some small list.  You want hundreds and thousands of keywords to maximize the chance you have of generating traffic to your website.

This is what the big boys know that most people working from home don't;  the person with the biggest keyword list gets more traffic, period.

But how do you generate a big keyword list?

It's always taken loads of time and tedious research to generate keyword lists with loads of entries because you have to find them one at a time while doing search engine searches.

After going through this myself for years, I knew that there had to be a better way but I just couldn't find anything that did the job.

I set out to create something that did this myself and...

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Local Keywords Gold

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  • Generate A Huge Local Keywords List In Seconds!
  • Search Keywords By State City or town
  • Clean Your Lists Automatically!
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A single keyword turned into thousands in under 5 minutes

"Prepend" to add the state or city data before your keyword:.

  • Los Angeles Electrician

  • Oakland Electrician

"Append" to add the state or city data after your keyword:

  • Electrician Los Angeles

  • Electrician San Francisco

If you select only the state box for California it will build your list showing only the keyword and city name as below...

  • Electrician Oakland

  • Electrician San Francisco

Check the Include State Names:include the state names .

  • Electrician Los Angeles California

  • Electrician Oakland California

Check the Include State Abbreviations: include the state abbreviations

  • Electrician Los Angeles Ca

  • Electrician San Francisco Ca

Once you have these settings finalized how you want them press the "Update List" Button

Electrician is just one example. Other people have used local keywords gold for lawyers, attorneys, foreclosures, doctors, health gyms. The potential is huge!



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